edg3 - Freelance Digital Web Design and Umbraco Development

Hello! I'm Christopher Robinson, a freelance Front–End Web Developer and Umbraco Certified Expert from Chester (UK)

I specialise in creating websites built with beautifully clean coded HTML and CSS using responsive techniques and progressive enhancement for an adaptive usable experience. I also dabble in ASP.NET and PHP, using Umbraco (did I mention I'm an Umbraco Certified Expert?) and WordPress daily.

Find out more?

I have over a decade of professional experience in the industry and have worked for and alongside digital agencies both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Over the years I have created various free website templates which you can download and use, and have written the odd blog post.

Interested in working on a future project with me? Then feel free to get in touch and we can take it from there.

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