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Welcome To Spring Bloom

This template is what came together after browsing Open Stock Photography looking for inspiration on a rainy day. Whilst searching through their stock photographs I came across the image I later used in the header & main navigation area of this template.

A few specifics about this template, browser-based font resizing is fully supported and images have been optimised for size and loading speed. The main header image is easily changed through a simple <img /> tag in the #header div. If you don't specify an image or remove the <img /> tag from the header, it will default back to the image you currently see.

As always, this design maintains my theory of using valid semantic and well-structured XHTML then applying CSS over the top for styling. This helps to make it search engine friendly by default as the main content comes before sidebar without styles enabled.

About The Designer

Hello I'm Christopher, at the time of writing this I'm 21 years old. I am a self taught Front-End Web Developer from Cheshire, England. I specialise in creating XHTML and CSS compliant websites and dabble in bits of design – although I don't consider myself very good at it. I'm much happier when I have my head stuck in code than Photoshop!

A lot of you ask, am I available for freelance work? Well in short that depends on the project you want me to take on, I'm working full-time these days so don't have as much free time as I used to for freelance work, but you can still contact me to have a chat about my availability. And please feel free to browse around my website, edg3.

Using The Template

I've released this template into the Public Domain, which quite simply means there are no restrictions on it's usage. You are more than welcome to do what you like with it.

If you have any problems or need help using this template you can contact me, but please do not be offended if I take a while to reply, or if I don't at all. Unfortunately I don't have time to reply to every email regarding my templates as I literally receive hundreds each week – although I do make sure to try and read them all at least!

If you do decide to use this template for your site, it would be lovely if you left the “Design by Edg3” link in the footer to show your appreciation, but there are times when this isn't possible for whatever reason so you can freely remove it if you like.

As a final note before I delve into Latin, I'm interested in seeing how my templates are used, so feel free to send me an email with a link to your page so I can check it out!

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